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About Elgie

Elgie Loyd is an Author & the Owner of True Faith Consulting & Publishing Company. She is known for her caring spirit, infectious smile and her faith in God. Whether speaking at a Women's Conference or to a small group setting, her ability to capture her audience with her soft tone is second to none. After becoming an Author in 2015, and releasing several books; including her latest "Adoration to the LORD" & "Invest for Success" a 5-Step Action Plan for moving forward (with a Workbook), she was inspired in 2018 to launch her Publishing Company to help other writers make their dreams come true. Elgie has had many ups and downs, troubles and mishaps, but it is her strong faith in God that has always sustained her through many difficult and challenging times. Elgie loves to travel and has worked as an Administrative Assistant for several companies, such as; Verizon, Hamilton Park UMC, Clark's Consultant Group and Dr. Peter Gailiunas, M.D Medical Private Practice, and she is now employed by Reach Media, Inc.  
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